Thursday, October 25, 2012

Public School Religion

Now they’ve done it.  NOW THEY’VE DONE IT!  Let me tell you about a 10 year old little girl, who attends Butts Road Intermediate School, in Chesapeake, Virginia.  The Blaze, an Internet news source, didn’t release her name but that’s neither here nor there in this article. 

Her “teacher,” Tara Harris, joined the school in September as a fifth-grade learning disabilities, special education teacher.  Let me pause to take a few, cleansing breaths so my blood pressure can come back down…OK, I’ll continue.  Ms. Harris has been charged with simple assault for injuring this child’s hand while forcing the class to learn…*gasp* *shudder* Islamic hand signs.  

EXCUSE ME??  I don’t think I read that right.  You mean to tell me a teacher in a public school system in this country, was teaching Islamic hand signs?  The child’s mother, Stephanie Bennett, told The Blaze that this…this Ms. Harris has a disturbing trend of “indoctrinating” students with Islamic teachings.  She also openly campaigns for President Obama and bashes GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, according to the testimony of several of her students. 

Ms. Bennett, the mother, states, “The teacher was going over Islamic hand signs with the children—she stayed on this issue for two days straight, during their reading and math class.”  The Blaze reports, when Bennett’s daughter was unable to perform the Islamic hand sign correctly after two days of instruction, Harris became frustrated and attempted to twist the girl’s fingers to make the Islamic gesture, which means, “power and strength.”   

The mother continues, “When she didn’t get it right, [Harris] went over and yanked her hand out of her desk and my daughter’s hand got hung up on the metal wire on her file folder, and the skin got caught on it.  The other children saw my daughter’s hand dripping with blood after the teacher had gotten so mad that she went to twist my daughter’s hand into an Islamic sign.” 

She immediately filed a police report, and Ms. Harris was placed on administrative leave.  The next day, Ms. Bennett was informed by school officials that the teacher had been terminated from the Chesapeake Public School system all together.  The Blaze was unable to independently confirm this.  

The child told her mother that Harris “prays to Allah in Arabic” approximately five times a day in front of students, and teaches them about Islam and how it is superior to other religions. *inhale deeply*  

Another parent, Nita Redditt, states that her son was scared to go back to the classroom the next day. “I think he was intimidated.  I couldn’t believe what was going on in the classroom in regards to this teacher praying to Allah, and having them pray with her.”   WHAT???  Oh no, you didn’t!  Huh-uh!  I don’t think so!   

Oh…Oooo…Arggg…WHERE do I start?  This is so outrageous on so many different levels, that it’s difficult to choose where to begin.  

Here is an educated woman, who chose to work directly with learning disabled, special education children.  This would demand a person who possesses a kind, calm demeanor and extreme patience, to be successful in such a career.  This was obviously a BAD CHOICE of specialties on her part!  As the teacher, she was fully aware this little girl suffers from a processing disorder, making it difficult for her to quickly grasp ideas, like (stupid) hand signs.  

Did this matter to Ms. Harris?  Nope.  She was too caught up, selfishly defiling this kid by forcing her to perform on cue, like some animal she was attempting to train.  For her to “yank” this child’s hand out of her desk for something this insidious, clearly demonstrates how untrustworthy she is to be around any child, much less those who need extra compassionate attention.  Hey Ms. Harris—why don’t you try yanking and injuring MY kid’s hand and see what happens.  I dare you.  Grrrrrrr… 

Now to the obvious.  I bet you can guess what I’m going to say.  WHY, pray tell, has this…this…Koran thumping, bigoted, abusive, Christophobic twit been allowed to RELIGIOUSLY RAPE these children in a government school classroom??  You mean to tell me NO other teacher or member of administration was aware she was forcing her religious beliefs on these impressionable, innocent, dependent kids?  NO ONE?  You’re joking, right? 

That is absolutely inexcusable either way.  If the school was aware she was openly, aggressively proselytizing Islam, then they are guilty of violating the government’s favorite phrase, (everybody say it with me), “the separation between church and state,” now, aren’t they?  

And if this school denies any knowledge of this teacher’s activities, what the heck else are they unaware of??  Who’s to say she’s not sexually assaulting them also?  Or forcing them to memorize parts of the Koran?  Or keeping these kids silent by threatening to kill their parents or pets if they tell what she’s teaching them?  

Why isn’t this on the national news?  It would probably be the lead story if this were a Christian teacher, telling these children that Jesus loves them! Oh the horror!  Was this even featured on the local news?  I highly doubt it.  A Christian teacher doing this sort of thing would be arrested and paraded naked on Main Street at noon! 

Where are the loud-mouthed, intrusive, busybody ‘Freedom From Religion’ people?  Huh?  Why aren’t they marching on the school grounds with their stupid signs, and filing a lawsuit in court?  Why aren’t they on CNN, making a statement about how angry they are that, in this day and age, these children are being exposed to the ridiculous claims of the existence of god? 

Where is the rabid, mouth foaming, snarling attack dog against all things Christian, the ACLU?  In what Federal Court is their suit filed?  Where is their outrage on this?  If you pause for a moment, you can hear crickets in the silence. 

Can you just imagine the hysterical, hair tearing, garment rending, screaming rants of the main stream media, Hollywood ‘stars’, members of Congress and even our very favorite Muslim, President Obama, if this woman was a Christian?  I am dumbfounded by the blatant, double standard being applied here!  

 Let’s see, how does this usually go?  Oh yeah, “How DARE this woman use the tax-payer’s money and time to force her religious beliefs on these children!”   

She was hired for a specific task.  She was to teach the customary, inadequate ‘curriculum of excellence,’ regurgitated by this nation’s public school system, which spits out high school graduates who can’t read above a 3rd grade level.  Was that really too much to ask? 

Where did she get the idea she had the right to indulge her big ‘ol, pushy self by wasting these student’s time, forcing them to learn her wicked, false religion?  Hey, no one seems too upset about this, so this must mean prayer is allowed back in the classroom!  Right.  As if.   

This ‘lady’ must worship the, “Islam: Make up the rules as you go,” sect of this filthy belief system.  I’m providing the link to this story and in the accompanying photo, featuring this disciple of dog doo.  Notice that she has a glass of red wine on the table in front of her.  Wait a minute; I thought Islam forbid drinking alcohol!   

But this seems to be the new normal in America today doesn’t it?  She’s an exalted Muslim and can do anything she wants, ignore any law she wants, as long as she is spreading the teachings of Allah.  After all, we’re supposed to be tolerant.  However, if a Christian so much as opens their mouth to yawn in a public school building, there’s hell to pay.   

Think this is an isolated incident?  Au contraire.  Are you kidding?  Apparently, public schools in Minnesota close for two days each year, so the teacher’s union members can hold their annual Education Minnesota Professional Conference.  What new topical gems are they planning to pass on to the students this next school year?  Let’s look at a list. 

“Using Personal Dolls to Promote Social Emotional Intelligence and Acceptance of Diversity”  Uh-huh. Teachers learning to play with dolls.  Sounds like a critical teaching skill to me. 

“Teaching Students to be Peacemakers” Good luck with that.  

“The State of Minnesota Schools and LGBTQ Youth: A Roundtable Discussion” Umm, WHY are these people spending time discussing their student’s budding sexuality, and learning how to ensure they understand the different types of perversions that are socially acceptable today?  How about we concentrate on reading instead?   

And the capstone, my favorite… “Teaching about Islam in the Context of Social Studies and World Religion” Okaaay.  Well, actually it’s NOT okay at all!   

What does the teacher’s union say about this session? “An expert panel will present information on teaching about Islam. They will share perspectives on how educators can help improve intercultural communication and well-being for immigrant and refugee students and families from Muslim countries.”  Why don’t you teach these immigrants how to assimilate into American society instead?  Oh right, that would make sense. 

What the heck?  Is Minnesota being overrun with Muslim refugees all of a sudden?  Are the students going to be informed about who flew airplanes into our World Trade Center Towers on 9/11?  Will they be given handouts to color, depicting Islamic suicide bombers blowing up American soldiers or innocent Israeli children?  Will they receive a photograph of the Fogel family, who were butchered in their beds by Palestinian cowards?  I’m guessing not.  
Can someone please explain to me why our government schools are suddenly so enamored with religion and Islam in particular?  I thought we didn’t talk about religion in schools. I was under the impression that the sky would fall, and cats would spontaneously explode if anyone, anywhere in Obama’s “57 states” even mentioned the concept of there being a god! No? When did this change, ‘cause I sure missed the news coverage.  

So, can I infer from these reports, that prayer and the teaching of religion are once again allowed in school?  Oh, could it actually be true??  Wouldn’t that be wonderful? But, who am I kidding?  We all know this only pertains to the politically correct religion of that pagan moon god, and his wicked, nut-job prophet. Christianity is still relegated to the dumpster out back, thrown away with those little containers of sour milk, and leftovers from Michelle Obama’s approved school lunches. 

What galls me the most about the encroaching threat of Islam into this country and into our schools is that NO ONE is saying a word about it!  Church, where are you??  Put down your donuts and designer coffee at the sanctuary coffee bar, and DO something useful for once!! Lift your voices in collective outrage at the hypocritical, double standard being smeared in our face!  

What’s the deal?  You too busy being all touchy-feely emergent, or spitting on Israel to pay attention to what your little darlings are being taught in their government classrooms?  Are you really that captivated with your stupid tennis team or golf game to bother, yet you have the gall to sit back and whine about the political system, while you sit in front of your 90 inch, flat screen TV watching Jersey Shore?   

I suggest we all investigate if this outrage is occurring in our own states.  If so, who’s gonna have the intestinal fortitude to do something about it?  Who’s going to publicly call our leaders out for their failure to separate church and state in these instances?  After all, they always frantically pummel Christians into silence by continually screeching that non-existent, so-called Constitutional rule. 
By golly, if they are going to start pushing Islam on our children, then we need to demand Christianity be taught as well.  After all, being tolerant and espousing diversity is the politically correct name of the game, isn’t it?


Pray? For This Guy?

 As anyone who reads my articles with any frequency knows, I’m a little outspoken. OK, I’m a LOT outspoken, and sometimes I pay a fairly steep price for that.  The overwhelming majority of the hate mail I receive comes from other Christians.  Usually, they’re accusing me of being mean or hateful or racist or not ‘Christ-like’ for speaking the unvarnished, politically INcorrect truth about society.   

There are SO few people willing to publicly stand up and call a spade a spade these days and that’s what God has laid on my heart to do.  I’ve gladly taken up the assignment despite the flack I get from some folks because after all, the truth can be very unpleasant and inconvenient.  

When I am criticized, I take those comments to heart and ask the Lord to search me and tell me if I’m off base on what He is leading me to say.  The last thing I want to do is drive people away from the gospel.  For instance, I recently received this comment in response to a scathing article I wrote on Mr. Obama.  I’ll refrain from giving the commenter’s email address…
“All of your articles are full of hate. You may want to try another approach when expressing your so-called Christian opinion. Perhaps you should read a few of Daymond Duck’s articles in order to get a clear view of what true Christian writing style is all about.  Your heart wreaks of racism and hate. Seems you don’t have a clue about love. Did you ever read the part of the Bible that requires Christians to love their enemies??  Just wondering. You may not be on your way to hell lady, but you will be held accountable for spewing forth hate across the world. Just a reminder.” 

I wrote a tempered response and suggested she might want to skip my articles in the future, since what I write is so disturbing to her. This is her reply: 

“Oh, I plan to skip them in the future because it doesn’t matter where the hate that’s emitting from your writing results from.  The stench of anger is still there!!  Moreover, it doesn’t even matter whether you are stating facts, because the Bible states facts too. In fact, are we as Christians supposed to pray for our leaders??  Thought so.  Get a heart check lady.” 

I spent the better part of a day contemplating her accusations and praying about them.  OK, I’ll admit I shouldn’t have called Michelle Obama “Chewbacca.”  That was childish and unnecessary.  But should I show greater ‘love to my enemies’ and ‘pray for our leaders’ as I was told a good Christian should do?  What about it?  I tend to look to the Bible for answers instead of taking advice from other fallible human beings, so that’s where I went.  

Accusation #1:  My heart is full of hate and reeks of racism.  Anyone who knows me, even regular readers who’ve never met me know this is complete nonsense, so I won’t waste my time defending my character or answering this one. 

Accusation #2:  Christians are supposed to love their enemies.  OK, I agree with that completely. But is clearly identifying the wicked actions and words of others ‘hating my enemies?’  For instance, I pretty much loathe the Obama’s, BUT…if I happened upon a car wreck and ran to help, only to find the victims were Michelle and Barack Obama, I would render the same tender aid to them I would to anyone else.  If the victims were obviously gay or atheists or even Muslim, it would never cross my mind to walk away.  Not for a nanosecond.  

If any of these supposed ‘enemies,’ with whom I profoundly disagree in regard to their moral and spiritual beliefs and lifestyles, were hungry or in need of clothing or shelter, I would do whatever I could to meet their immediate need without hesitation. I can put my right hand on the Bible and swear under oath this is true.  

Is this not the very definition of loving your enemies??  What I do for a living testifies to this truth.  So, does the fact that I sternly denounce these people because of their actions or beliefs, translate into ‘hating’ them?  I think not. If my standing up for Biblical principals offends someone, tough!  I’m not out to win a popularity contest.  I’m called to remind others of the Holy standards of Almighty God in a very dark world.  Standards which have not changed over time. 

Accusation #3:  Christians are supposed to pray for their leaders.  Let’s look at some Bible verses pertaining to this command.  1 Timothy 2:1-2 “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for Kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life with all godliness and honesty.” 

Then there is Romans 13: 1-2 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.  Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.”  
So…does that mean the Israelites were to pray for the Egyptians who held them in captivity for 400 years, and not try to resist them?  Were the Jews wrong if they didn’t pray for God to bless their Nazi tormentors?  Should the tribulation saints pray for the antichrist to prosper?? 

Or should we use our God given, common sense and look at this logically? 

Let’s continue on and look at verse 3 of Romans 13: “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.”  It should be obvious to anyone who is subsisting on more than brain stem function only, that Timothy was speaking of good governments as opposed to those who have fallen prey to wicked men with ideologies bent on destroying this country!  

“Oh please, President Obama, let me pray God blesses the work of your hands and that your plans prosper! Oh, how Godly I am for praying for my leaders!”  Puleeze.  Are there actually people out there that are THAT dense? Oh yeah, apparently there are, thus the purpose of this article.  

Why in the world are pastors all over this country, trying to lead their congregations into capitulating to Congressional and White House officials who are committing heinous crimes against the American people?  You really think God is pleased with a stance that ignorant and misguided?  If so, then our Founding Fathers were wrong for rising up and calling the tyranny of England for what it was!   

Do you honestly believe God expects His people to support this administration and Congress, no matter what they do, or what laws they pass?  As Christians, are we expected to uphold and support the authority governing us no matter what, and refrain from criticizing our leaders?  Well, that’s a loaded diaper of reasoning.  

David J. Stewart, of the website, Biblical Submission to Government, states, “We are NOT to support a President just because he’s President.  Yes, we are expected to obey authority, even flawed authority, because there is no perfect authority; HOWEVER, when we enter the realm of CRIMINAL behavior on the part of our elected officials that is an entirely different ballgame.” 

This administration has spent the last 4 years, quietly leaching away our God given rights as free people.  Obama has signed one Executive Order after another, authorizing himself more and more dictatorial control of this country, and our elected Congressional leaders have sat on their thumbs and allowed him do it.  As the police state continues to grow, we are subjected to more and more assaults on our freedoms. WE should not be afraid of our government. THEY should be terrified of US! 

Mr. Stewart goes on to say, “I’m so sick and tired of seeing our largest churches, who have the most influence, do the least to wake people up concerning the truth. They’ve got their fancy chandeliers, high-powered air-conditioning, extravagant buildings, and “culture”; BUT…they take little or no stand whatsoever against the evils working within our government which are DESTROYING AMERICA!!  America is going to hell because its churches are afraid to speak the truth.  There is nothing more wicked than the INDIFFERENCE of today’s believers!  If we, as Christians, truly walked with God, then we’d be angry over sin, like Billy Sunday was!  Jesus became angry over sin in John 2:15!  Most pastors wouldn’t DARE tell their church members that their sons and daughters fighting over in Iraq are being EXPLOITED for selfish, corporate interests which have absolutely nothing to do with defending America.” 

We are constantly bombarded with propaganda from mainstream news sources, TV shows, Hollywood movies and even misguided Christian authors and preachers. We’re pressured into staying publicly silent concerning our government’s evils.  If we make truthful statements that don’t speak well or are even hostile to this administration, we supposedly aren’t representing Christ.  This is basically what my reader accused me of doing. Strongly criticizing Obama and his administration is akin to spreading hate and racism.  HOGWASH! 

Psalm 94:16 says, “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers?  Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”  Oh, but that’s spreading ‘hate!’  We mustn’t call a spade a spade.  We should let the country continue on its downslide to hell; after all, up is the new down, and wrong is the new right.  Right?  WRONG! 

There is NO verse in the Bible which states we are to be mindless slaves to the government.  Mr. Stewart says, “America is being subverted from within by Communist agendas.  America is largely Communist today.  We have been sold out by many of our entrusted political, judicial and legislative leaders.”  

The very sad fact of this statement is that it was written in April 2007.   I wonder what Mr. Stewart thinks of how far we’ve fallen from God, the Bill of Rights and our Constitutional protections and freedoms today, in 2012!  He’s probably speechless with righteous anger, just like I am.  

Back in January 2009, WND writer, Joseph Farah wrote the following: “Nowhere does the Bible ever suggest evil rulers are to be obeyed. When the rule of men conflicts with the commands of God, the bible leaves no doubt about where we should stand. I want Obama to fail because his agenda is 100 percent at odds with God’s. If government commands you to do evil, as a Christian you must resist. There is no alternative. This is a time for principled Biblical resistance, not phony Christian appeasement.” 

So, after examining my heart before God, finding some Biblical rocks to stand on, I have a clear conscience about the things I’ve said about this government and the Obamas personally. There is no hate in me for anyone.  But buddy, you’d dang well better believe there is plenty of righteous anger!  I HATE what my America has become!  I HATE that my precious son and your precious children and grandchildren will not know the wonders of freedom and prosperity we knew growing up.  

I am enraged that the Communist, progressive left, has hijacked this country and is hell bent on forcing their fantasy of some Marxist, eugenic utopia on ‘we the people.’ And I am filled with blind fury and disgust at the media in this country, in all its insidious forms, for being complicit in worshipping and aiding the lies of the far left and the Obama administration.  

All Americans aren’t ignorant of their devices.  Some of us are awake and are not afraid to speak the ugly truth of what their plans for this country are.  They’re disgusting and wicked and, despite any criticisms or accusations of being full of hate or racism, or being a poor example of a Christian, I fully intend to keep speaking the truth as far and loud as I can, for as long as I can!  I cannot help but do so, because that’s what the Master I serve has called me to do.  

Again, dear readers, if what I say offends you please take advantage of my suggestion; don’t read my articles, because what I say, and the way I say it is NOT gonna change.  Fair warning.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!

I wasn’t sure what I could expect to see during the 1st Presidential Debate between (R) Mitt Romney and (D) Barack Obama, but I certainly didn’t think I’d witness the Chief Executive of the United States of America get soundly SPANKED on national TV!  The Nielson ratings estimate more than 70 million viewers watched the debate live.  It ended up being so entertaining, it should have been Pay-Per-View! 

Should we even call that event a ‘debate?’ Perhaps we should refer to it as the 1st Presidential trouncing of 2012.  Or 1st thrashing.  Or, how about the 1st true glimpse of the petulant, spoiled amateur who inhabits the White House. MAN, that had to hurt, especially after the ever so charming Michelle Obama, and Obama’s Mommy, Valerie Jarrett, got finished with him.  Talk about a bruised ego. 

 I almost felt sorry for Mr. Obama.  Almost.  But that passed quickly and I sat watching with my mouth hanging open, stifling a horrified giggle for the majority of those 90 unbearably awkward minutes.  All I could think of was that classic story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, except it was Mr. Romney who so skillfully pointed out to the world that Mr. Obama is naked. Stark naked.  

Instead of the glorious mantle of abject brilliance the main stream media placed upon his shoulders these past 4 years, the entire country finally saw the truth; Mitt Romney was debating an empty suit, just like so many of us have been trying to tell so many of you. Sad to say, but not everyone looks good nude and that is one UGLY naked dude! 

So what happened, you ask?  How could this be when he is so smooth and suave and charming and is the consummate schmoozer in front of adoring crowds?  Why did he stand there most of the evening, looking down, refusing to make eye contact, obviously angry and irritated that he had to be there, much less that anyone would have the gall to question him?  Well, let’s think about that…..Oh, sorry!  I got lost in the moment again.  It truly was glorious.  

Anyway, Dana Milbank, a writer for the uber left wing Washington Post, and an ardent supporter of B.O. stated, “For the past 4 years, he (B.O.) has worked assiduously to avoid being questioned, maintaining a regal detachment from the media and other sources of dissent and skeptical inquiry.”  Well, duh!  No kidding Ms. Milbank!  You media myrmidons have sheltered and fawned over your man to the point that he never before had to worry about answering a real, unvetted question.  

Poor baby didn’t even have his passy, oops, I mean his teleprompter. What did you think would happen?  Surely you people haven’t consumed so much of the liberal kool-aid that you actually thought he could carry on a cogent conversation did you??  Well, on second thought, apparently you have.  

This isn’t 2008, you know. This time around, you can’t present him as this young, idealistic, black Jack Kennedy like you did then. Puke, by the way.  The guy hasn’t accomplished squat on his own merits in his entire life!  To this day, no one knows who the heck he really is, although there have been dedicated investigators willing to risk their neck to dig up real facts about this illusion who haunts the Oval Office. 

Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t want to hear it, but I’ve seen enough information with my own eyes to convince me he was NOT born in Hawaii.  That lie is just the start.  See, you have to understand, this guy started being groomed, and his legend manufactured from the time he was about 10 years old.  

Living with his Marxist, maternal grandparents in Hawaii, his grandfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, a prominent member of the Communist Party USA, who met with the young Obama weekly for 8 years and served as his political and life mentor.  

Due to communist party assistance, along with the strong arm of affirmative action, Mr. Obama’s education was provided for him, and doors of opportunity magically opened, offering him the honor of being the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, despite never writing an actual review, unlike every other president before or since.  By his own admission, he was a prolific marijuana smoker and cocaine user all through college and his grades were less than stellar.   

His long time mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was involved with several communist organizations, including the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee, along with Vernon Jarrett, the father of Obama’s closest White House advisor, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett.  After college, Obama ended up in Chicago and started his incredibly useful career as a “community organizer,” featuring a job description no one can articulate to this day!  

From there, his communist alliances with Davis, Jarrett and Bill Ayers, member of The Weather Underground and former domestic terrorist, helped him become elected to the Illinois State Senate.  From there, he went on to be elected and sworn in as a U.S. Senator on 1/3/2005.  He announced his intention to form a Presidential exploratory committee on 1/16/2007. The Senate had been in session at most, 304 days during that time, most of which he simply voted ‘present’ as if he were in 3rd grade. 

So, after 304 days in Washington as a Senator, he figured he had enough political experience to run for President of the United States. Leader of the free world.  Commander in Chief of the most powerful military on the planet.  Or, rather, The Powers That Be, decided he was ready.  He must have been really good at reading a teleprompter by that time.  

Because of his narcissistic personality and a lifetime of others coddling and running interference for his every move, he became very adept at schmoozing, flashing his million watt smile, cuddling up to the fawning, Stepford-zombie-Hollywood crowd and kissing muslim butts everywhere.  

He was a man for all people, supposedly. One who would bring both sides of the aisle together. A person with the ability to unite all of us for the common purpose of ‘fundamentally changing America.’  That one statement caught my attention, causing the hair on the back of my neck to stand up.  Uh, excuse me, but America didn’t NEED to be fundamentally changed, Bozo. 

 Oh and, of course, how could anyone forget, he was (is) black; a true African-American.  And that’s all that mattered to millions of voters. Finally, our first black President, Martin Luther King, Jr. be praised!  Now, don’t get your shorts in a twist; as God is my witness, I couldn’t care less what color he is.   

Black, white, green, pink, blue or polka dotted, I just don’t care.  I’m not an affirmative action kind of chick because I believe that the most qualified person should get the job or gain admission to that desired university.  I don’t base my opinions on skin color unlike most folks of color tend to do, because it’s insulting to those who bust their rear ends to make something more of themselves.  It’s pandering and contemptible. 

But this shimmering god, this messiah, as Rush Limbaugh so eloquently stated, is “the least qualified man in any room he walks into.”  Or as Ed Klein’s book on B.O., The Amateur, sums up, the dirty secret of the Democratic Party is this guy hasn’t a clue what he’s doing!  

It was easy the first time around, in 2008.  He had no record to speak of.  He could literally promise anything the crowds wanted to hear, and could out charm an elderly McCain and the unproven Palin with one tongue tied behind his back.  He was the answer to all our problems.  The seas would be lowered and he would bridge the span of misunderstanding between the followers of Islam and the Western nations, because he understood both viewpoints. Gag.  

He was a staunch defender of the Constitution, as well as family values because he was a ‘Christian.’  Funny how just about everything he said and promised, has turned out to be diametrically opposed to what he has done.  

World Net Daily noted, “Obama has never before had to reconcile his view of the world and reality.  From community organizer to “constitutional scholar,” to absentee Senator to President, B.O. has lived his entire life in a world of mere ideas without ever having to depend on the truth of those ideas.  He never needed a speech or a dissertation or a memoir to have any basis in reality in order to house himself or feed his children; he needed only to perpetuate the lies that his liberal followers were so eager to believe.” 

His whole life has been lived in la-la land, enabled by communist overseers and enablers to be the Manchurian Candidate they needed to further their dream of changing America into their Socialist/Progressive dream, whose daddy was Karl Marx.   

With the aid of the liberal media, Obama has spent the last 4 years bathed in messiah worship, taking credit for America’s successes and deflecting blame for any failure onto the nearest target, no matter how unlikely. Four years of hiding behind liberal ads, speeches, fake polls and cheap slogans while fomenting class warfare, Obama was directly challenged for the first time without his left wing media mommy to hide behind. And he was shown up for the complete and utter fool he really is.  

This is a man who is inarguably the most divisive, arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant, pandering, Islam loving, Christian hating, infant killing, sodomite supporting, Congressional usurping, seditious, treasonous, racist, duplicitous, spendthrift, America destroying President this country has ever suffered.  This is not opinion, folks.  Unfortunately, this is hard, cold fact.  

No to mention, his food obsessed wife needs to get her nosy self out of our kitchens and our children’s lunch bags!  She’s no runway model herself.  She has treated her position as First Lady as her own personal Visa.  Our tax money is everywhere she wants to be.  

Author, Robert Keith Gray writes in his new book, Presidential Perks Gone Royal, that in 2011 ALONE, the Obama family cost the American taxpayers….wait for it….you won’t believe it…. 

$1.4 BILLION dollars.  Yes, that’s Billion, with a “B.”  Just for 2011 alone. Just ONE year.  Here’s the link for your reading pleasure.  Try not to burst a blood vessel. 

This would, of course, include the Obama’s 13 year old daughter, Malia’s spring break trip to Mexico with 12 of her friends from her exclusive private school, Sidwell Friends, as well as the cost of the 25 Secret Service members who accompanied them.  The White House scrubbed the internet of news stories covering Malia’s trip, which purportedly cost taxpayers close to $500,000, because they wanted to protect her privacy.  Uh-huh. Right.   

Now, I understand the Obama’s have put their Chicago home up for sale, and are purchasing a $32 million dollar, beachfront estate in Hawaii.   

Aren’t you glad Barack Obama is SO concerned that everyone gets a fair shot?  That everyone has a level playing field, even though he has pretty much had everything handed to him and opportunities thrown his way because of his race, despite being a mediocre student and prolific drug user who was mentored and befriended by just about every high profile communist in these United States, and has never held a private sector job in his whole life? *gasp*  Isn’t it wonderful how he can identify with all of us?  Lying putz. 

As you well know, it is my opinion that Mitt Romney is just another puppet controlled by the Globalists, and will institute their agenda if/when he is elected President. Now, he may allow things in the economy and military to settle down for a while, and it may even appear that America is recovering and will be OK.  I’d bet big money that within 20 years, America will be no more.  

However, please, please stop drinking the kool-aid and come to your senses!  Obama has absolutely NO regard for you, your family, your family’s future or survival and has every intention of completing his assignment to destroy America and transform her into a socialist country.  He is not worthy of the office of President of the United States. 

Would you like an example of the kool-aid consuming, air-heads?  I just watched a news poll from October 4, the day after the debate, asking people if they thought it was unfair that Obama wasn’t allowed to use his teleprompter during the debate.  Most of them felt it was unfair.   They stated Obama should have been allowed to use a teleprompter.  In a debate.  It was unfair that he wasn’t allowed to use one.  Seriously. 

Get the picture of the type of people who plan to vote for this doofus?  They’re the shining products of our illustrious, Godless, dumbed down public school system.  And they drink an awful lot of kool-aid.  Unfortunately, it’s laced with stupid.  

And you can't fix stupid.