Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Excuse me??

I get my news from AOL and sometimes scroll down to see what comments people are making about the stories. Yesterday, 12/12/11, there was a commentary on how folks should lay off Tim Tebow for his displays of his Christian faith on the football field.

From what I understand, when he makes a great play, he will either point both forefingers skyward or quickly kneel on one knee in a quick prayer of thanks to God. In fact, he has garnered so much attention for doing this, the kneeling action is now called, "Tebowing."

One player on an opposing team was heard saying he planned to deliberately sack the quarterback and then kneel in Tebow fashion to mock this man's faith. How tolerant.  Can you imagine the nationwide  outrage had this guy run to the sidelines, grabbed a small rug and mockingly knelt in fake prayer the way muslims do??

Mr. Tebow's actions are not disruptive and are hardly original.  Some athletic players have historically shown their thanks to God when they do well so I'm not sure what the big, hairy deal is! Come to think of it, yes I do!  Silly me!  Tebow is a *gasp* Christian!

Speaking of tolerance, I added the following comment to the story: "I find it funny that Mr. Tebow's actions are causing such a hoopla. Perhaps he knows something that his critics don't. I'm not sure God is interested in football, but I guarantee you He notices one of His servants giving Him glory and thanks despite being mocked and maligned."  Now, that is hardly stuffing my views down anyone's throat. I was giving my opinion, as were many other readers.

Here is the response I got from some fool, mpmcrill: "You need to keep a grasp on real life. Keep your thoughts with those who believe what you do. You and others like you are wrong to try and make people believe what you think is right."  HUH?

How was expressing my o-p-i-n-i-o-n trying to make others believe as I do??  How about you, mpmcrill?  Why are you so intolerant of my opinion?  You're not a mean-spirited, bigoted, Christophobic hater, now are you??  Hmmm?

I get a laugh out of the hypocrisy of those who hate God and/or anyone who proclaims His name. Their virulent hatred oozes out of them like pus in the zit that is their heart. And it's just about as attractive.

No, mpmcrill, I will NOT keep my thoughts to myself, thank you very much. You've absolutely no business telling me what to do or say!  Besides, I rather like being the safety pin that pops your pimple...uh, I mean conscience.

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