Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Manly Men

Islam.  Isn’t it interesting what collective, visceral image pops up in most people’s mind when the name of that demonically inspired, pseudo religion is mentioned?  It seems to instantly conjure up visions of men, usually in their early twenties, unwashed, bearded, waving automatic rifles in the air with filthy hands, jumping around in huge groups, chanting ‘death’ to this or that.  That’s the mental picture most people see when the word ‘Islam’ is mentioned, and with very good reason.  Muslims as a whole have earned it.

Just about the only thing that has changed in that scene since the 7th century are the weapons. Most of the men use guns now, but many still cling to their swords and knives.  I suppose it would be difficult to slit the throat of a camel or goat or human being with a rifle, so perhaps that’s the reason those implements are still used. I’m just guessing since I’ve never slit the throat of anything, nor has the thought to do so ever crossed my mind.

I recently wrote an article named, Coming to a Town Near You, detailing the annual Shi’ite ceremony honoring their ancestor, Husayn’s, so-called martyrdom.  The males celebrate this by cutting their scalps to produce large amounts of blood which dramatically flows down their faces and clothes.  This is to signify their identification with the pain their ancestor suffered when he got his butt kicked by the Sunni caliphate, Yazid back before anyone really cares.

My point is that Islam seems to get really rough during their ‘celebrations!’  For instance, we’ve all heard, more than we ever wanted, about their month long observance of Ramadan.  They fast during the day from breakfast to sunset to express Islam’s basic community values of empathy for the poor, charity, worship and patience.  Values. (*snort*) sorry…

Apparently, they feel that fasting helps teach Muslims to stay away from worldly desires, to focus entirely on their god and to thank him for his blessings. This time of fasting lasts 30 days and they are allowed to eat a lavish meal in the evenings before the fast starts again the next morning.

I remember reading a news story a year or two ago about a 13 year old boy in Saudi Arabia, who got hungry during Ramadan and sneaked some food in the middle of the day. Oh yeah, they make the children fast too. Naturally.  Anyway, this boy was caught and lashed TO DEATH for his crime.  What a god they serve!  Like I said, it seems they get really violent during their celebrations!

At the end of Ramadan, there is a holiday called, Eid ul-Fitr, which marks the conclusion of the month long fasting.  It was instituted by Mohammad when he fled from Mecca to Medina to save his skin from the other Arabs who were fed up with his obnoxious self.

When he arrived, the people already had a two day festival in place and were having a great time.  Being the narcissistic charmer he was, he announced to the town that, “The almighty has fixed two days of festivities instead of these for you which are better than these.” As far as I can tell, no one had asked his opinion, but I digress. So from then on, the celebrations were tied to Islam.

The Eid ul-Fitr celebration is a very big deal.  Schools and government offices are usually closed, gifts are exchanged and huge communal feasts are held. Muslims are encouraged to forgive and forget any differences or animosities with their neighbors or family that may have accrued during the previous year.  Money is given to the poor.  Blah, blah, blah.

One question though. What does Eid ul-Fitr have to do with gang rape? 

According to two Muslim men in London this week, Islamic men are allowed by their culture, to rape non-Muslims, especially during the Eid celebrations. Now ain’t that a convenient excuse?

Shamrez Rashid, 20, and Amar Hussain, 22, were sentenced, along with three other men, to a total of 38 years in prison for the kidnapping and gang rape 2 young girls as a part of their Eid celebrations.  The victims, just 15 and 16 years old, were lured by these two marvelous examples of all that is Islam, to a hostel far from their home and repeatedly raped by all 5 men over a period of 36 hours.

The defendants laughed and smirked as Judge Melbourne Inman stated that the girls, “Were still children, still living with their families.  In a civilized society, such people should be helped. You abused them.”  Sorry Your Honor but you just wasted your breath. There is nothing civilized about these people.

Rashid stated, “It was Eid.  We treated them as our guests; OK, they gave us sex but we were buying them food and drink. They could have anything they wanted.  They enjoyed it.” (A typical statement from a raping, sociopathic hunk of dog squeeze!)

Hussain added that the girls were just “slags,” British slang for whores and sluts. He obviously can’t get a date on his own either!

The victims were eventually able to run from the hostel and call authorities. They said the men told them they were a part of a gang called, B9 Crew and threatened if the girls reported them, they would go to their homes, point a gun at their mother’s faces and break their jaws.

Ah, the peaceful religion of Islam. 

What manly men serve this false god!  Men who treat women like animals.  Men who are so pathetic they must rape because no woman in her right mind would voluntarily have them. Men who kill and torture and pillage and steal and lie to serve a nonexistent god.  Men who laugh and mock the pain and humiliation of their victims.  Animals don’t even act like this!

Yep, the more I hear about this loathsome bunch of savages, the greater my desire to have a front row balcony seat in heaven to watch the holocaust of judgment that is soon coming for them.  We’ll see just how manly they are then…

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Anonymous said...

I usually like the things you say. However, the manly men has goetten to me. Have you ever written anything wrong about how bad woman can be. NOPE...Yes the Muslim religion is bad for woman. But in this blog you make it sound like all men are bad. I have experienced unbelievable amount of abuse by woman. I was raised in a feminist home, talk about the mental, emotional, verbal, spiritaul, and physical abuse! woman masclinate us men to be what they whant us to be, NOT what God wants us to be. Woman for decads now have belittled and torn men down so much in this country that men are killing themselves. My Pastors have even given in to terring men down. They say had men are eiots, and the woman in our church would hoop and holor at such comments. I married one of these woman, and for 17 years I took her ABUSE. Whent through a deep dark depression and wanted to kill myself. Locally, we have had a few men kill themselves in the last few months. Puysllup, washington. And how do these woman get away with such abuse. Its called "Passive Aggresive attitude" Just because woman can be abusive with a SMILE on there face, does not make it right! The feminist movement the last two decades is why our families have been destroyed in this great county of mine. They have NO vamily values, woman are the most selfish people that live in our society. While the true victima are men. I was demanded to stay home and raise my two children by myself!!!!! While SHE was gone having her CAREER!!!!! Of course, she was one of those feminist, that filed for divorce last year. And in a heart beet I gave it to her. And boy am I happy not to be around that abusive woman anymore!!!!! Her excuse.."I want to have my single life and have fun!" You should see her now. She ended up in the E.R. because of her drinking and had gall bladder problems. She stopped going to church. Taken up smoking. Going out to bars with multiple men. And she is doing same thing to her children and she did to me for 17 years. Now our kids want nothing to do with her. She was the most abusive woman I have ever known. Woman, are now to blame for the collapse of our country. For the last two decades, woman have gone against everything that my GOD calls them to be. Look who took at prayer in our schools. "A WOMAN!!!!!!!!" And it all started there!!!!!

Josh Jones
Puyallup, WA