Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh, Barry!

Barry, Barry, Barry, what are we gonna do with you?! Is there a campaign promise you haven’t broken? Is there a civil right you haven’t erased by the stroke of your magic pen, as you crouch over your desk late at night when the members of Congress have gone home? Is there no end to your dismantling of the Constitution of these United States with your projectile vomited lies? Apparently not. Lest I forget, Barry is a man for all people!

When he’s speaking to Evangelicals, he’s a Christian. When visiting with Muslims, he likes to dress in their robes and allow them to defile the White House, a/k/a ‘The People’s House,’ by praying to their false god on the front lawn. And when raising more money for his re-election campaign, he makes sure to pander to the LGBT Leadership Council by changing his stance on gay marriage.

Who ARE you, Barry?? A narcissistic, megalomaniacal, Globalist puppet, groomed over the years for this time in history and that position of power, that’s who! And what a dandy job you’re doing!

It’s not enough that he has, by Executive Order, literally named himself the head of all governmental agencies during a time of national emergency; he even gets to decide what a national emergency is! And when he subsequently declares martial law (assumes his throne), he will answer to no one. King Obama, His Royal Majesty. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

He must continue implementing the rest of his progressive, socialist agenda by obliterating the very foundation of civilization. The family. Oh, he’s quite clever in his approach; stealthy and deadly like the snake in the grass he is. He thinks us common people so intellectually inferior and so distracted by Snooki’s pregnancy, that we aren’t paying attention to the gargantuan change he’s proposing.

King Barry is going to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act because HE feels that homosexuals should have the ‘right’ to marry. This legislation was enacted in 1996 and defines marriage as between one man and one woman. Oh, but he FEELS… He FEELS it’s unconstitutional and said, “We have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. That doesn’t weaken families, that strengthens families.” I’m not sure when he has ever ‘expanded’ the rights of anyone, but I digress.

He said this when he appeared on the talk show, The View, that lively bulwark of rationally challenged left wingers. He loves going on that show because he gets to be on TV, fawned over by heavily made up, middle aged women and look all Presidentially! That way, when he gets home and pops in the show’s DVD, he can watch himself over and over again!

However, he wasn’t planning on bringing out this gay marriage dog and pony show until later in the season. Unfortunately, Vice President Biden, in his customarily charming, bumbling, pre-Alzheimer’s way, spilled the beans when he announced he was in favor of same-sex marriage. Apparently, the King was not amused, so Mr. Biden had to apologize and the King was forced to smile his huge toothy smile and make the announcement that his stance on this issue has “evolved over time” and now he “personally feels” that same-sex couples should have the right to marry.

How magnanimous!

You see, civil unions weren’t enough. Having squawked long and loud enough, homosexuals finally achieved their goal of having the same legal rights to property, inheritance and power of attorney that traditional married couples have. But that just didn’t quite cut it. No, the LGBT crowd has some kind of psychotic compulsion to change the very definition of the family unit; the basic foundation of ordered society that’s existed since time immemorial.

And in order to back up his new stance, Fox News reports, “The President’s recent schedule reflects a robust push by the Obama campaign to trumpet, not downplay, the President’s decision last week to support same-sex marriage—a historic first for a sitting U.S. President.” Gee, Barry, what a distinction.

He even shared the stage with the founder of the gay advocacy group, Freedom to Marry, Evan Wolfson, when he delivered the commencement speech at Barnard College in New York. He was careful that his speech reflected his newly evolved position by stating, “No matter who you love or what god you worship, you can still pursue happiness—I will support you every step of the way.”

Oh goody! Now the North American Man/Boy Association can be next to be recognized and afforded their ‘rights’ to live an open and accepted lifestyle! Yay! The whole planet is inviting the devastating wrath of Almighty God! That’s right! The United States of America just shot God the finger once again. Thank you, King Barry!

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