Friday, July 6, 2012

A Land in Denial: Part II

The frightening international news we’re bathed in every day is building up to such an absurd level of danger and doom that it’s actually becoming comical in strange way.  I mean, step back and look at the entire picture of troubles; U.S. economy, gas prices, high tensions in the Middle East; startling increase in demonically inspired crime; unemployment rate; elected officials betraying us; natural disasters, etc.  This world is going insane! 

Or is it?  One of my all time favorite Bible passages is Psalm 2.  Here’s some of it, “Why do the heathen rage, (conspire/plot) and the people imagine a vain thing?  The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh (scorn/mock/deride): the Lord shall have them in derision (mock/ridicule).  Then he shall speak to them in his wrath (face to face anger), and vex (make terrified/disturbed/anxious) them in his sore displeasure (burning anger).” 

Picture this: Almighty God, Maker of heaven and earth and everything therein, settles back on His heavenly throne, snickering and shaking his head in amazement at the unbridled, haughty, arrogant impudence of man.  He literally mocks Ahmadinejad, Putin, Assad, the New World Order goons, and He probably busts a gut laughing at Obama!  But the longer He watches, the angrier He gets.  

All of these megalomaniacs think they are calling the shots in the international nuclear chess game they’re playing.  They aren’t.  Not even close!  God is sovereign and in complete control of the chaos this earth seems to be spiraling into.  So what does that mean for us Christians?  It means, “No worries, mate!”  

However, for those of you who don’t belong to Christ—well, you have every reason in Iran to be terrified.  There’s some serious scat coming and the escape train is about to pull out of the station. An honest look at current events in light of Biblical prophecy should persuade you that the ticket office is going to close very soon and this is one train you do NOT want to miss! 

Wow, so much is happening at an exponential rate; how should I explain it?  When I was little and acted up, my Mom would snap her fingers at me as a warning to knock off that behavior, pay attention and obey. When 9/11 occurred, God snapped his fingers, really loud!  *SNAP*  It got our attention all right, but after a couple of months America was back to her wicked ways, ignoring the Godly principals this country was founded on.  

As a result, we began to have our constitutional rights slowly but surely stripped away, right under our self absorbed noses. The average Joe has no idea what a precarious position we, the people, are in.  *SNAP*  Obama was elected.  This narcissistic, egotistical, mainstream media messiah has made rewriting the constitution and Bill of Rights his Marxist passion.  And he’s good at it.  Very, very good.  *SNAP* 

Take a walk down memory lane with me and look at the various ways this ungodly, heathen, Muslim butt smoocher has dragged this country into the toilet.  During his inauguration speech in 2008, Mr. Obama, standing in his favorite arrogant, look-down-his-nose-on-the-ignorant-masses posture, promised to “fundamentally change America.”  That made my head snap around.  America didn’t NEED to be fundamentally changed; we were the preeminent nation of all time!  Little did we know… 

While visiting Turkey in 2009, he announced to the world, “We are not a Christian nation.”  As the most anti-Israel President of all time, he voted to support an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations in 2010, as well as continually insist Israel capitulate to Palestinian demands. Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”  Thanks for calling down curses on this land, Mr. Obama. 

Now we have Obamacare.  What can I say?  THE biggest tax hike in American history, despite the promise, “if your income is under $250,000, your taxes will not go up!”  Liar, liar, pants on fire!  When you see what this monstrosity from hell contains, you’ll absolutely faint.  Here’s a VERY small sample: 

HB3200 (paraphrased) 

Page 50/section 152: Obamacare will provide insurance to all non-U.S. citizens, even illegal aliens. (buying votes) 

Page 58-59: The government will have real time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts. (excuse me???) 

Page 272/section 1145: Treatment for cancer will be rationed according to the patient’s age.  Death panels of bureaucrats, NOT physicians, will decide what, if any, treatment you’ll receive.  Really. (say bye-bye to Grandma!) 

Page 65/section 164: This plan will be subsidized (paid for) by the government for all union members, union retirees and community organizations (like ACORN)  (paying off the cronies) 

Nice, huh?  As you all remember, this ‘bill’ was rammed down America’s throats and Congress voted on it without having read it!   This week, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, completely blindsided the country by basically re-writing the bill’s language so it could pass as constitutional. *SNAP*  Only time will tell his reasons for doing so. 

Wow!  Those heavenly finger snaps of warning are really piling up here!   

Hey, how ‘bout them wild fires?  Thousands of acres devastated in several states.  Hundreds of homes destroyed and many thousands of people displaced.  And all the poor animals!  Firefighters know for sure one blaze was started by lightning.  Some of the others were, no doubt, arson by some pathetic little creep who’s taking the fact he can’t get a date, out on innocent people.  Regardless of the origin, the destruction and heartbreak remains the same.  Strange how the weather refuses to cooperate in putting them out; high winds and no rain.   *SNAP* 

In the last week of June, tropical storm Debbie stalled over several southern states for a few days, causing widespread, record breaking floods. Homes destroyed. Families displaced for weeks. Alligators and snakes swimming in people’s back yards. (no kidding!) *SNAP* 

Now we have record breaking heat over much of the nation.  Highs temperatures well above 100 degrees have been reported, causing several deaths and a whole lot of misery.  *SNAP* 

On June 29, 2010, an unforeseen, freak storm called a derecho tore up the Mid-Atlantic States including Washington D.C.  (well, there are some small blessings…) This storm did not originate over water, yet it dealt hurricane strength winds up to 80+ MPH, flipping cars and tractor trailers and scattering debris everywhere. It also caused huge trees to topple onto cars, homes and businesses. 

Twenty-six+ people were killed as a result.  Electrical power was cut off for millions of citizens and because of the high number of power lines downed by falling trees and debris, power crews reported it would take days to restore power to the majority of the population. No electricity = no air conditioning in record breaking heat. No refrigeration. No cell phone service, as towers were damaged.  No computers. Abject misery for millions of men, women and children!  *SNAP* 

And what news just came out on 7/1/2012? How could America possibly hack God off even more?   Scientists have announced that the first genetically- modified human beings have been created.  Swell.  Thirty healthy babies were born after a series of experiments conducted by the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St. Barnabas in New Jersey.   

These babies were born to women who had problems conceiving, so extra genes from a female donor were inserted into their eggs before they were fertilized.  Genetic fingerprint tests on two, one-year-old babies confirm they inherited DNA from THREE adults—two women and one man.  A human chimera.  Arrogant mankind has stepped further into God’s domain and will pay dearly for it.  This is another brick in the wall of this country’s destruction. FOOLS! 

The vast majority of Americans are living in denial.  They can sense time is running out and   something big is on the horizon, but…what?  That feeling is so disconcerting it’s more comfortable to ignore the obvious signs and hope things return to normal. Sorry, but they’re not going to.  

Denial is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person faced with a fact that’s too distressing to cope with, will unconsciously decide to reject it, insisting it’s not reality despite overwhelming evidence.   

Day after day, we hear the finger *SNAP*s of God, but most people prefer to disregard them, conducting business as usual. We rationalize that these events are just coincidence, because to give credence to a supernatural cause is to admit the “doomsday” end time signs of the Bible are true.  That would mean there IS a God and we are indeed accountable to Him.  Most folks don’t like that!  We humans want to live life on our own terms, by our own rules. 

Almighty God has shown great favor to this country from its inception and what has she done in return?  She’s gotten big for her britches and turned her back. She’s flipped Him off time after time, telling Him He’s not welcome and she doesn’t need Him.  What did my Mom do when I ignored her finger snaps of warning?  What do you think?  I got my butt justifiably spanked.  

God is our Heavenly Father and He’s had enough of our haughty attitude and our wicked ways. We’ve systematically barred Him from our schools as well as every area of public life and government offices, including our courtrooms. We have turned a blind eye to the slaughter of over 50,000,000 innocent babies since Roe vs. Wade was passed in the early 1970’s.  We’ve happily embraced the rampant use of drugs and alcohol which has led to extreme levels of cruelty laced crime.  Even cannibalism seems to be in vogue! 

We’ve lost sight of the value of investing time teaching our children the difference between right and wrong. There is little reverence for the sanctity of life.  We no longer have sense enough to be embarrassed about our complete lack of sexual morality, both personally and in our forms of entertainment.   

Main Street America has been relentlessly hounded and shamed by a very small, loud mouthed minority of people into accepting the homosexual lifestyle as perfectly normal. We’re even allowing these reprobates to teach their degenerate blather to our young school children!  

The final bastion of human civilization, the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman, has nearly been destroyed by those whose only wish is to bring society down to their level of perversion.  America richly deserves the wrath that Almighty God is preparing to pour out. Can you hear the *SNAP*s now?? Here is where I find myself in all this: 

Ezekiel 33:6 states, “But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” 

I stand every day on the wall of the city, jumping up and down, waving my arms, shouting   warnings that grave disaster is coming, because I don’t want your blood on my hands!  The Word of God is very clear about what signs to look for right before He unloads His fury on the sinful people of this world.  The next event on the prophetic timeline is the rapture of the church and all of creation seems to be holding its breath, waiting for our departure which literally could happen any minute.  

Those of us who have been cleansed of sin by the blood of Jesus Christ, can sense in our spirit that we will be going home very, very soon. We’re painfully aware what those of you left behind will face and it chills us to the bone.  We gladly risk our reputations and endure being mocked for the chance to explain how you can escape what is so clearly coming. 

The ‘escape train,’ is for those who have accepted the pardon God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died to provide.  We don’t know exactly when the ticket window will close but once it’s closed, that’s it. Those who miss their chance will be left to face a very angry God.  

Please, please…before you run out of time, ask Jesus to come into your heart and save your sin filled soul.  Tell Him you want Him to be Lord of your life before it’s too late. 

The ticket costs you nothing and this train won’t wait for you to change your mind.  Don’t be foolish.


Solefisher said...

Thank you for bringing these things to our attention. You write with great concern for the flock of God hoping by all means to save some. I admire you for taking the time to research these things. It seems obvious that you believe that we as Christians will be raptured out of here before the stuff hits the fan. Can you put your exceptional talents to proving this? That is even more important than the things you are writing.Most of the early church fathers believed that the church would undergo persecution at the hands of the Antichrist except Origen and Clement of Alexandria--men who gave themselves to the mystical, allegorical interpretation of scripture. Even that great proponent of the pre-tribulation rapture, Dr. John Walvoord, former president of Dallas Theological College, stated, "neither posttribulationism nor pretribulationism is an explicit teaching of the scriptures. The Bible does not, in so many words, state either" (John Walvoord, The Rapture Question, 1st Edition, Findlay, Ohio:n.p., 1957). Many people reading your blog agree with you about your conclusions as to what is happening, but the pre-tribulation rapture has no scripture to back it up. Jesus said that the rapture would not happen until some time into the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:29-31). Just my thoughts. Keep up the good work! Solefisher

DW said...

Yes, I'm well aware of your opinion on a pretrib rapture; you've told me before. If you'd like to hang out and endure persecution, you're more than welcome to--I don't plan on being here.

Solefisher said...

I would love to believe in the pre-trib rapture...if only I could be assured by at least one scripture. I don't want to plan on God doing something to get us out of here, if He has never told us that He would. God promises to deliver us after the Great Tribulation. We must wake the church up to prepare for the days ahead, not to have them believe in a false hope that they are going to escape what's ahead. Please don't get me wrong...I love what you are doing to awaken the saints, I'm just concerned that the enemy would deceive us into a false hope. Solefisher

DW said...

There is also no scripture stating we will be here to endure the Tribulation. As I said, if we are, we are. But I highly doubt it.

Solefisher said...

Who are those believers, then, who are mentioned to be in white robes in chapter 7:13-14 of Revelation? The apostle John is told, "These are they who have come out of the great tribulation (Gk Thlipsis, elsewhere translated persecution), they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the lamb.
These have to be Christians who have gone through the great tribulation, wouldn't you agree?

DW said...

There will be mllions saved and martyrd during the tribulation. Look, we have opposite opinions; neither of us is going to change our minds so let's drop it and agree to disagree. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Solefisher, why are you on this blog trying to find out whether the pre-trib rapture is true or not? I doubt Donna would label herself as a bible prophecy expert. You obviously have a computer so if you are genuinely hoping the pre-trib rapture is true then do a google search and find those experts who do believe in it and start reading articles on why they do and then decide for yourself which best lines up with scripture. I will even help you out, thos who believe and defend this are Thomas Ice( he actually has a website totally devoted to this topic), Mark Hitchock ( who does a brilliant job of explaining the pretrib rapture by laying the verses that talk about the rapture and the ones that speak of Christ's second coming side by side. And you can find that on youtube) David Reagan and Jimmy DeYoung. There's a start for you. If you are already convinced of your position then what you are doing is simply trolling. That is where people get on a certain page and harass people or try to start arguments. Which is it for you?

Solefisher said...

Hi DW, may I have the last word then, not to try and change your mind but to bring light to those readers of the comments. I too believe that there will be a great revival that God is preparing His people for, but the pre-trib position has all the evangelists, teachers, pastors of any note, being raptured out of here before the revival! Not only all educated and born again believers will leave (if this position is correct, even tho there is no scripture), not only that, but the pre-trib position believes that the Holy Spirit will leave before the stuff hits the fan and the millions get saved! How can that be? My position is that the Church must be preparing now for the revival, not planning to exit.

Solefisher said...

Hi Anon, thanks for your thoughts. I didn't know what trolling meant. I don't visit blogs normally. In fact, this is the only one that I visit. My interest is the Second Coming and I love the things that DW writes about. I was given the address to this blog by another Christian. DW has a way of succinctly putting things together. I wish everyone would read her posts and keep up with the things that is happening in our day. Too many Christians are asleep to what is happening. I apologize if I seemed to be trying to start an argument. I thought I was trying to bring light to a murky topic.

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